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Build a better rapport with patients, with Curalie

We work with experts to develop digital health programs for selected diseases and conditions according to scientific standards. The goal of our programs is to give doctors and therapists a time-saving and flexible way to provide virtual care in addition to conventional care. 


Our vision

It’s time to forge new paths. With digital health programs, patients can work continuously and independently toward their treatment goals. That makes treatment an integral part of their day-to-day lives. And that, in turn, frees up resources in the healthcare system – and for you as part of that system.

We help people take control of their health with digital prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options. Everything we do is aimed at helping people lead healthy lives and get and stay healthy. After all, we have just one mission: better health, step by step.

But don’t just take our word for it! Explore the possibilities offered by our digital options and help your patients take control of their health. 

The Curalie app for patients

The Curalie app is for your patients. It is right there on their smartphones, so they always have their digital health program at their fingertips and can use their treatment plan, treatment, and/or knowledge units optimally in daily life.

The portal for healthcare experts

The Curalie portal is the platform and tool for healthcare professionals. You can use the portal to set up accounts for your patients, activate and manage programs, and view all your patients’ progress at any time.

Harnessing key benefits

  • Efficient and targeted patient care, remotely
  • Better patient education helps save time
  • Monitoring of important health parameters
  • Curalie provides technical support to patients
  • All patients managed online in the Curalie portal
  • Curalie ensures data security

Added value for your patients

With our app, users can keep track of their health at all times. They can check their symptoms, schedule a video consultation, get information, and exercise. We offer a wide range of different media to present the often complex content in ways that are understandable, engaging, and motivational. Curalie also offers health programs for the most common diseases and conditions. We believe anyone can achieve amazing things and lead a healthier life in the long term with motivation and a bit of help. Our goal is to actively contribute to a healthier society. Curalie – your personal health coach. The quality and security of data is our top priority.

Data security is a top priority for us.

Data security

Protecting the data entrusted to us is very important to us as a healthcare service provider. That’s why we have implemented a comprehensive data security concept and use the latest encryption standards.

Verified quality

We are a certified medical device producer. Our quality management practices ensure compliance with superior standards of quality.

Medical expertise

Experts from various medical disciplines are involved in developing Curalie. We review our content regularly to ensure that it is up to date with advances in medicine.

Our programs

Our goal is for our health programs to be three things above all for patients – understandable, interesting, and motivational. We aim to develop digital health offerings that fit seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. We achieve this with innovative approaches to our work, creative ideas, and reliable health experts. We work together to develop efficient features and programs that provide ongoing support for patients and doctors alike.

Health programs for your patients

Curalie offers health programs for the most common diseases and conditions. We worked with health experts to develop these programs.


Learn more about what we offer

Good preparation is crucial when it comes to using digital health options without running into issues. That’s why we’re happy to provide your team with effective training so you can get started using Curalie. In person or online, we can present the Curalie portal, highlight the health programs of special interest to your patients, and show you what to pay special attention to during the launch.

You will also get more information about our health programs and can get advice from our product experts at no obligation to you in an initial discussion.

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